SAC’s Commitment to Diversity

Addressing Systemic Racism

Speech-Language & Audiology Canada (SAC) is deeply committed to the values of diversity, equity, inclusion and respect. We condemn racism, discrimination and harassment in all their forms.

As the national professional association for speech-language pathologists, audiologists and communication health assistants, SAC must take a leadership role in addressing and challenging systemic racism within our association.

We acknowledge that addressing and challenging systemic racism is a far-reaching issue and will require us to re-examine and change our governance and operational structures. Please know that we are taking this issue extremely seriously and are committed to taking action. 

SAC Spotlight

Check out this SAC Spotlight video of Maya Callender, an S-LP and SAC member working in British Colombia. In the video below, Maya touches on why she loves being an S-LP, as well as what more can be done within the profession to encourage and celebrate diversity and inclusion.

Diversity Update - Statement on Anti-Asian Racism (April 2021)

Speech-Language & Audiology Canada (SAC) strongly condemns the escalating violence against the Asian community, most recently manifested by the recent mass shooting in Atlanta. To our Asian colleagues, members, associates and friends and your families, we stand beside you in your grief, and we mourn your losses alongside you. Although this attack happened in the United States, it could have happened here in Canada, and we are deeply disturbed by recent events amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic here at home.

Violence against Asian Canadians recalls an extremely dark period in Canadian history when Asians were the target of racism during a time of crisis. Current events put our country on a dangerous course that it cannot afford to repeat.

The more recent wave of anti-Asian rhetoric and violence amplified by COVID-19 is the latest chapter in a long and difficult history. In these different moments of our history, we also know that Asian women have and continue to disproportionately experience anti-Asian racism and violence.

The loss of innocent lives and many other episodes of violence against Asian people underscore what we at SAC understand implicitly: words matter, and words of prejudice translate into violent action. Language used to weaponize, target and perpetrate harm against individuals of a particular race, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation is unacceptable — always.

SAC calls on our provincial and federal governments to reflect on their roles in addressing racist words and actions. We call on members, students and colleagues to reflect on the consequences of racist and bigoted behaviour as well as the real-world consequences for innocent people. 

We stand in solidarity with you and share a deep concern for the recent events, your safety and your well-being and that of your families in your communities.   

We call on our SAC community to:

  • Report all incidents of anti-Asian violence to authorities.
  • Provide Safe Spaces: Allow Asian Canadian friends and colleagues to share their experiences and listen to what they have to say.
  • Educate yourself and others: The most effective way to eliminate racism in all its forms is to educate yourself and those around you about other racialized people, their cultures and how racism manifests itself.

We must all do better to eliminate the bigotry and bias in our society, and we support all Asian Canadians in this most difficult of times.

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