Your Stories


Speech and Hearing Month is a time when speech-language pathologists, audiologists and communication health assistants share information about what they do with the public to increase awareness about the services they provide and how important it is to be able communicate. Speech and Hearing Month is also a time to celebrate different forms of communication, including spoken language, sign language, images, symbols, pictures and the written word, as well as different languages and different media.

For 2016, we want to hear about the impact a speech-language pathologist, audiologist and/or communication health assistant has had on you and your family. To that end, the Pan-Canadian Alliance of speech-language pathology and audiology associations (which includes SAC) has developed a new #maymonthstories campaign! Watch the video below.

We encourage anyone who has had experience with a communication disorder to film a short video and post it on social media with the hashtag #maymonthstories.

If you are a speech-language pathologist, audiologist or communication health assistant, invite your patients and clients to post videos on social media, sharing stories related to communication. Ask them to use the #maymonthstories hashtag in their posts. You can also post your own video about communication health and like, share or retweet stories from others.

We want to collect as many stories from across Canada as possible to demonstrate how communication health professionals change lives. Help us begin a movement this May that grabs the attention of people from all over the country!  

Please note: although our goal was to create a fully bilingual video, this video is predominantly in English because we only received one usable clip in French in response to our initial call for video submissions. We are encouraging people from across the country to get involved no matter which language(s) they speak. In particular, we urge French-speaking speech-language pathologists, audiologists and communication health assistants (and their patients and clients) to help us keep the campaign moving by sharing stories and using the French hashtag (#récitsmoisdemai).