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Each year, SAC produces new Speech and Hearing Month materials to promote communication health and raise public awareness about communication disorders. For 2017, we've created new resources about dysphagia and classroom accoustics.

We encourage communication health professionals and members of the public to download, print, distribute and share all of our materials — from 2016 and previous years — to spread the word about why communication health is so important.

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To print the full size (16”x20”) poster, please download the poster of your choice by clicking on the thumbnail. A new window will open, go to the top right corner and click on the download icon. Put the file onto a USB and bring it to your local printer or office supply store for printing.


Classroom Acoustics Poster - Letter Size     Classroom Acoustics Poster - Full Size
       Letter size                         Full size

Classroom Acoustics poster *New in 2017


Dysphagia Poster - Letter Size     Dysphagia Poster - Full Size
       Letter size                        Full size

Dysphagia poster *New in 2017


        Letter size                       Full size

Childhood Apraxia of Speech poster


        Letter size                     Full size

Vestibular Disorders poster



        Letter size                        Full size

Language and Literacy poster



        Letter size                        Full size

Tinnitus poster


NIHL Poster_EN     NIHL Poster_EN

        Letter size                        Full size

Noise-Induced Hearing Loss poster 



Advertising Campaign: "Joy", "Awe", "Brave" and "Love" posters


APD_Poster_85x11_FINAL_EN      APD_Poster_85x11_FINAL_EN

        Letter size                        Full size

Adult Swallowing Awareness poster


APD_Poster_85x11_FINAL_EN      APD_Poster_85x11_FINAL_EN

        Letter size                        Full size

Child Swallowing Awareness poster


APD_Poster_85x11_FINAL_EN      APD_Poster_85x11_FINAL_EN

        Letter size                        Full size

Auditory Processing Disorder poster


Brochures and Backgrounders:


Communication Health and Aging brochure



Speech and Hearing Milestones brochure


Info Sheets:


Audiology info sheet and postcard



Speech-Language Pathology info sheet and postcard


Classroom Acoustics Infosheet        Dysphagia Infosheet                                

Classroom Acoustics *New in 2017 | Dysphagia *New in 2017 | Childhood Apraxia of Speech | Vestibular Disorders | Language and Literacy | Tinnitus


SAC-OAC Early Hearing Intervention and Detection Info Sheet_EN

Early Hearing Detection and Intervention info sheet



Communication Health Facts and Statistics


Hearing tip sheet_2014_EN

Hearing Disorders tip sheet


Speech and language tip sheet_2014_EN

Speech and Language Disorders tip sheet



Communication Board and Instruction Sheet


Children's Activities:

Activity Sheet 2017

Kids' Activity Sheet (2017)


Kids' Activity Sheet (2016)


Kids' Activity Sheet (2015)


  Colouring Sheet

Colouring Sheet (2017)



Colouring Sheet (2016)



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